Adelaide AFL grand final player penpix




27. Rory Laird

Age: 23. Ht: 178cm. Wt: 81kg. Games: 100. Goals: 9. Finals: 6.

All-Australian ball magnet who sets up many attacking drives with precise foot skills.

15. Kyle Hartigan

Age: 25. Ht: 195cm. Wt: 98kg. Games: 68. Goals: 1. Finals: 6.

Can play on smalls or talls, boasts a sharp turn of speed for a man of his stature.

6. Jake Lever

Age: 21. Ht: 195cm. Wt: 93kg. Games: 55. Goals: 3. Finals: 4.

Arguably the AFL’s best spoiler, with speed and slick skills to go with his size.


11. Paul Seedsman

Age: 25. Ht: 190cm. Wt: 83kg. Games: 68. Goals: 31. Finals: 3.

Utility who cemented a spot in the past three games after being sidelined by groin injury until August.

12. Daniel Talia

Age: 26. Ht: 197cm. Wt: 99kg. Games: 145. Goals: 6. Finals: 7.

Rarely beaten, especially in the air. The glue that holds Adelaide’s backline together.

16. Luke Brown

Age: 25. Ht: 183cm. Wt: 81kg. Games: 114. Goals: 11. Finals: 6.

Unsung backman treasured for putting the clamps on the opposition’s best small attacker.


14. David Mackay

Age: 29. Ht: 182cm. Wt: 77kg. Games: 184. Goals: 55. Finals: 12.

Moved from wing to the half-back spot of injured Brodie Smith, his run-and-carry are highly valued.

9. Rory Sloane

Age: 27. Ht: 183cm. Wt: 83kg. Games: 164. Goals: 104. Finals: 8.

Vice-captain and premier midfielder hailed for toughness. Can also drift forward and kick a goal.

21. Rory Atkins

Age: 23. Ht: 186cm. Wt: 85kg. Games: 56. Goals: 26. Finals: 5.

Highly-skilled dasher with a classy left foot and innate ability to dodge opponents.


23. Charlie Cameron

Age: 23. Ht: 181cm. Wt: 75kg. Games: 72. Goals: 86. Finals: 6.

Among the AFL’s quickest, an attacker coming off five goals in the prelim who can take a soaring mark.

4. Josh Jenkins

Age: 28. Ht: 200cm. Wt: 108kg. Games: 113. Goals: 228. Finals: 6.

Imposing and athletic tall forward, proven goalkicker who also offers crucial support in ruck.

18. Eddie Betts

Age: 30. Ht: 175cm. Wt: 73kg. Games: 276. Goals: 533. Finals: 12.

Cult hero with peerless attacking brilliance who makes the seemingly impossible appear normal.


27. Tom Lynch

Age: 27. Ht: 191cm. Wt: 98kg. Games: 105. Goals: 156. Finals: 6.

Tireless link between defence and attack, strong in the air and on the ground, and an accurate finisher.

13. Taylor Walker

Age: 27. Ht: 195cm. Wt: 100kg. Games: 152. Goals: 355. Finals: 9.

Inspirational captain, capable of winning a game off his own boot but also creates many goals for others.

26. Richard Douglas

Age: 30. Ht: 181cm. Wt: 80kg. Games: 219. Goals: 148. Finals: 12.

Consistent and durable midfielder with goalkicking smarts and ability to play run-with roles.


24. Sam Jacobs

Age: 29. Ht: 202cm. Wt: 102kg. Games: 173. Goals: 145. Finals: 10.

A vital cog in the Crows’ machine who was considered unlucky not to gain an All-Australian berth in 2017.

2. Brad Crouch

Age: 23. Ht: 187cm. Wt: 88kg. Games: 60. Goals: 20. Finals: 4.

Hard-at-it onballer who has enjoyed a career-best year after a tough run with injuries.

44. Matt Crouch

Age: 22. Ht: 183cm. Wt: 82kg. Games: 71. Goals: 17. Finals: 6.

The younger Crouch claimed a maiden All-Australian berth and shapes as a key factor on Saturday,.


3. Riley Knight

Age: 22. Ht: 181cm. Wt: 77kg. Games: 30. Goals: 21. Finals: 4.

Tenacious utility, has been deployed as a midfield tagger but also is a scoring threat.

8. Jake Kelly

Age: 22. Ht: 189cm. Wt: 90kg. Games: 33. Goals: 0. Finals: 2.

No-frills defender who relishes physical contact, rarely had his colours lowered in a breakout season.

20. Hugh Greenwood

Age: 25. Ht: 190cm. Wt: 90kg. Games: 14. Goals: 8. Finals: 2.

Former US college basketballer enjoying fruitful first AFL season as a contested-ball animal.

22. Andy Otten

Age: 28. Ht: 195cm. Wt: 92kg. Games: 97. Goals: 38. Finals: 4.

True utility possessing a shrewd footy brain, equally adept in attack or defence.


30. Wayne Milera

Age: 20. Ht: 184cm. Wt: 80kg. Games: 24. Goals: 13. Finals: 0.

Second-year winger who has just missed a spot in the grand-final 22.

42. Alex Keath

Age: 25. Ht: 198cm. Wt: 97kg. Games: 6. Goals: 0. Finals: 0.

Former state-level cricketer who has shown promise in a key defensive post.

43. Reilly O’Brien

Age: 22. Ht: 202cm. Wt:103kg . Games: 2. Goals: 0. Finals: 0.

Developing ruckman whose only two AFL games to date came late in 2016.


Don Pyke

Age: 48 Coaching record: Games: 48. Games won: 34. Finals: 4. Finals won: 3.

Playing record (with West Coast): Games: 132. Goals: 70. Premierships: 2.

After a distinguished playing career with West Coast, Pyke spent time in the oil industry before turning to coaching. Has made a huge impression in his first stint as a head coach.